Peter J. Conradi

Standard Name: Conradi, Peter J.
Used Form: Peter Conradi


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Family and Intimate relationships Bernice Rubens
Peter Conradi (biographer of Iris Murdoch ) writes that BR had an affair with an American, Allan Forbes (partly influenced by the philosopher and family friend Elias Canetti , who arranged for her and Forbes...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Murdoch
A couple of weeks later she wrote, I can't at the moment see how one recovers from such a loss.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
She found some solace in a three-year affair with the Bulgarian-Jewish philosopher Elias Canetti
Friends, Associates Iris Murdoch
She met Brigid Brophy (another friend who was years tempestuously a lover) in 1954. This relationship survived several crises, when Brophy took offence at Murdoch's actions or expressed dislike for her writing. IM met Elizabeth Bowen
Literary responses Iris Murdoch
Biographer Peter J. Conradi thinks this love-triangle novel a better book than Murdoch's next.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
Literary responses Iris Murdoch
Reviewers were divided in their opinions of the book. Lorna Sage in the Times Literary Supplement praised it as a hilarious mystic farce,
Halio, Jay L., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 14. Gale Research.
14: 368
while Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times expressed...
Literary responses Iris Murdoch
IM 's biographer Peter J. Conradi feels that the 1960s were an interim decade between the brilliance and energy of her early novels and her maturity in the 1970s.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
Publishing Iris Murdoch
The essay was published in book form in 1993 by Delos Press in Birmingham. In 1997 it formed the nucleus of a collection, Existentialists and Mystics: Writings on Philosophy and Literature, edited by...
Textual Features Iris Murdoch
Critic Peter J. Conradi suspects that Murdoch was speaking for herself in making her character Rozanov fear being seen as a saint after his death. He is a famous philosopher, and one of the unlikely...
Textual Features Iris Murdoch
Her biographer Peter J. Conradi writes that although this purports to deal with the tensions between Marxism and liberal humanism,
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
the personal relationships in it take centre stage. Gulliver Ashe overcomes chronic unemployment through...
Textual Features Elizabeth Bowen
It is her only work set in the USA. Its protagonist is an orphan heroine, who hates her own gender and has an endless capacity for causing trouble. She is the first of EB
Textual Features Eva Figes
Her novels are not for the faint-hearted or for the reader seeking either cheerfulness or a straightforward narrative line. She works regularly with a double focus: on the one hand, the isolated moment captured in...
Textual Features Iris Murdoch
Her title applies to human beings an image which Percy Shelley applied, in his Ode to the West Wind, to autumn leaves: like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing. Critic Peter J. Conradi calls this...
Textual Production Iris Murdoch
IM kept a diary all her life, though she did not write in it every day. Her biographer Peter J. Conradi published his edition of Iris Murdoch: A Writer at War: Letters and Diaries 1939-1945...


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