Chief of Bechuanaland Khama III

Standard Name: Khama III, Chief of Bechuanaland


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Publishing Bessie Head
The book finished, the process of publication unexpectedly spun out into a nightmare. Trouble began when BH requested 94 free copies for her to give, as she had promised, to the people she interviewed. Reg Davis-Poynter
Textual Production Edna Lyall
In 1893 EL contributed a preface for a biographical study by Mrs Wyndham Knight-Bruce: that is Louisa Knight Bruce , whose husband was a bishop in Africa. Bruce's Life of Khama treats a South...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bessie Head
Inspired by her early, uncritical admiration for Khama III, Chief of Bechuanaland , the book moved to the intention of depicting him warts and all (using a title given him by his people, Mother Winter...


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