Enoch Powell

Standard Name: Powell, Enoch


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Friends, Associates Lucille Iremonger
LI and her husband were correspondents both of Rebecca West and of controversial Conservative MP Enoch Powell .
“The Rebecca West Papers”. University of Tulsa: McFarlin Library: Department of Special Collections.
Janus. http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk/.
Powell, John Enoch
politics Michèle Roberts
As a student MR had participated in the political unrest of May 1968, and in a demonstration that greeted a speech in Oxford by Enoch Powell , but she didn't have a gut understanding of...


20 April 1968: In a famously apocalyptic speech, Enoch Powell...

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20 April 1968

In a famously apocalyptic speech, Enoch Powell advocated voluntary repatriation of Asians and West Indians from Britain to avert bloodshed in inner cities.


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