T. F. Powys

Standard Name: Powys, T. F.
Used Form: Theodore Powys


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Friends, Associates Valentine Ackland
After she left her husband, VA spent a good deal of time at Chaldon in Dorset. There, she was able to write and join a supportive community of artistic friends, including Theodore Powys and...
Friends, Associates Sylvia Townsend Warner
Among the many literary figures personally known to STW were Theodore Francis Powys and his wife Violet (the friends who introduced her to the poet Valentine Ackland ) and novelist Nancy Cunard .
Warner, Sylvia Townsend. “Introduction”. Letters: Sylvia Townsend Warner, edited by William Maxwell, Chatto and Windus, p. vii - xvii.
Warner, Sylvia Townsend, and David Garnett. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Sylvia and David: The Townsend Warner / Garnett Letters, edited by Richard Garnett, Sinclair-Stevenson, p. various pages.
Material Conditions of Writing Valentine Ackland
She wrote the book (almost short enough to be a tract) in Rat's Barn, a quiet cottage on the downs that belonged to the family of T. F. Powys .
Harman, Claire. Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Biography. Chatto and Windus.
Warner, Sylvia Townsend, and Valentine Ackland. I’ll Stand By You: Selected Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland. Editor Pinney, Susanna, Pimlico.
Publishing Sylvia Townsend Warner
A Moral Ending had appeared in a limited edition, with an introduction by Theodore Powys .
Harman, Claire. Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Biography. Chatto and Windus.
Textual Production Sylvia Townsend Warner
This was one of The Dolphin Books published by Chatto and Windus , a series including works by T. F. Powys (The Only Penitent) and Samuel Beckett (Proust).
Warner, Sylvia Townsend. “Editorial Materials”. Sylvia Townsend Warner: Collected Poems, edited by Claire Harman, Carcanet New Press, pp. xi - xxiii; 275.


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