Jan Smuts

Standard Name: Smuts, Jan


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Literary responses Elspeth Huxley
This book was a great success. It was twice reprinted before the outbreak of the second world war interrupted its career; in 1999 it was issued in Penguin 's Twentieth Century World Classics series. EH
Material Conditions of Writing Elspeth Huxley
EH had travelled to Kenya in January 1933 for the purpose of research, staying with Glady at her eccentric household. She also worked in archives in England and interviewed Jan Smuts in South Africa...
Textual Features Ethel M. Dell
Many of the stories deal with topical issues in the history of the British Empire: the Amritsar Riots of 1919 . . . the forming of the First Kenya Rifles , soon after General Smuts
Textual Features Mary Agnes Hamilton
Since no translator's name appears, it is possible though by no means certain that MAH here wrote in French. She covers her subject—British democracy in its history, manifestations, and underlying nature—lucidly and succinctly. Part...


30 June 1914: Jan Smuts and Mohandas Gandhi agreed by letter...

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30 June 1914

Jan Smuts and Mohandas Gandhi agreed by letter that South African law regarding Asiatics would be justly enforced.

August 1914-15 November 1918: Britain conducted its campaign in German...

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August 1914-15 November 1918

Britain conducted its campaign in German East Africa (the mainland of today's Tanzania plus Burundi and Ruanda, today's Rwanda), with troops from South Africa, India, and the UK pitted against a German army composed...

1930: A British government White Paper affirmed...

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A British government White Paper affirmed the paramountcy of black African interests in East Africa; this was deplored by Jan Smuts and other South Africans as the somewhat negrophilistic temper which is about today.


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