Saint Boniface

Standard Name: Boniface, Saint
Used Form: St Boniface


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Between 719 and 722
A nun and future abbess called Bugga , with her mother, Eangyth (who was then abbess of the Kentish monastery to which Bugga succeeded), wrote the letter to Saint Boniface for which she is principally known.
About 730
The exquisite Kentish Vespasian Psalter was transcribed and decorated, perhaps by nuns at Minster-in-Thanet. The abbess there, Eadburh , later known as Saint Eadburh , remains somewhat obscure.
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Between 776 and 786
A nun named Hugeburc , hailing from what is now England but living in the double monastery at Hildenheim in Bavaria, composed Latin biographies or hagiographies of Saints Wynnebald and Willibald .