Michael Balcon

Standard Name: Balcon, Michael


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Intertextuality and Influence Muriel Box
Street Corner is one of MB 's several (written and directed) quasi-feminist films in the 1950s, which take the woman's point of view in the male-dominated commercial cinema of her time.
Tylee, Claire M. et al., editors. War Plays by Women: An International Anthology. Routledge.
Its celebration of...
Occupation Muriel Box
MB began running the scenario department at Gainsborough Studios when those studios were being managed by Sydney. This job, or these jobs, left the pair of them less time for original script-writing, though script-doctoring remained...
Textual Production Muriel Box
Similarly, So Long at the Fair, 1950, had a draft script by MB , a second draft made from hers by Sydney Box , and further work from both of us.
Box, Muriel. Odd Woman Out. Leslie Frewin.
The updated...


Between 1930 and 1936: Michael Balcon, as Head of Production at...

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Between 1930 and 1936

Michael Balcon , as Head of Production at Gaumont British and Gainsborough film company, attempted to define a unique British quality in films, in order to protect the industry from Hollywood invasion.


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