Charles VII, King of France

Standard Name: Charles VII,, King of France
Used Form: Charles the Seventh


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Textual Features Emma Robinson
ER claims to be merely the editor here of an original source. As she tells it in the preface, while doing research for Owen Tudor she happened on some curious particulars that explained everything she...
Textual Features Emma Robinson
Charles VII's court is equipped with a number of psychologically warring characters, including his mistress, the Lady of Beauty, who represents the fashionably heartless woman. At the climactic scene of Jeanne's burning, multiple human threads...
Textual Production Anna Eliza Bray
AEB published, as Mrs. Bray, a biography entitled Joan of Arc and the Times of Charles the Seventh , King of France.
Todd, Janet, editor. Dictionary of British Women Writers. Routledge.
Textual Production Christine de Pisan
Christine de Pisan finished her Ditié de Jehanne d'Arc, a poem commemorating Joan of Arc 's victory at Orléans that year, and the subsequent coronation of Charles VII .
McLeod, Glenda P., and Christine de Pisan. “Introduction”. Christine de Pizan: Christine’s Vision, Garland, p. xi - lv.


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