Helen Keller

Standard Name: Keller, Helen


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In her early twenties, American Helen Keller published The Story of My Life, which relates how she achieved advanced education despite the deafness and blindness that had struck her down in babyhood.
8 February 1913
A newspaper reported the public-speaking debut of Helen Keller , who became blind and deaf as a baby, lived to the age of seven before she acquired language, and published a best-selling autobiography in 1903.
In the USA the American Civil Liberties Union was founded by Roger Baldwin , Crystal Eastman (who also co-founded several women's organizations), Albert DeSilver , and others. Its members included Jane Addams , Helen Gurley Flynn
10 May 1933
Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels , over 40,000 people participated in burning books to cleanse German literature and root out Jewish intellectualism.