Antoine Galland

Standard Name: Galland, Antoine


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Intertextuality and Influence Susanna Watts
The first number, dated 1 December 1824, opens with The Editors to the Reader, in which Watts's three personae introduce themselves as sisters. They are very literary personifications, who possess, respectively, the actual spear...


January 1704: Volume one of Antoine Galland's Les mille...

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January 1704

Volume one of Antoine Galland 's Les mille et une nuit, was published at Paris; the first English version appeared in 1706, as Arabian Nights Entertainments: later usually Arabian Nights.

1706: Arabian Nights Entertainments first appeared...

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Arabian Nights Entertainments first appeared in English, translated from Les mille et une nuit: contes arabes by Antoine Galland , itself a translation from Persian.

1839-41: The standard translation of the Arabian Nights,...

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The standard translation of the Arabian Nights, made by Edward William Lane and issued in instalments, appeared in three massive volumes.


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