Margaret Lindsay, Lady Huggins

Standard Name: Huggins, Margaret Lindsay,,, Lady


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Literary responses Ellen Mary Clerke
In a tribute to the Clerke sisters, Lady Huggins wrote that it is singular that the poems of Ellen Clerke . . . should not have attracted more attention. The volume is now ....
Literary responses Ellen Mary Clerke
Ellen, like her sister Agnes, worked to make scientific discovery accessible to a broad readership.
Sage, Lorna, editor. The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing in English. Cambridge University Press.
Lady Huggins noted the monographs on Jupiter and Venus, although unpretentious, are based upon careful reading of the best...
Reception Agnes Mary Clerke
She was admitted at the same time as Lady Huggins , who wrote a tribute to her following her death.
Commire, Anne, and Deborah Klezmer, editors. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Yorkin Publications.
The three women who had been previously admitted into the Society were Caroline Herschel


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Margaret Lindsay, Lady Huggins, and Aubrey St John Clerke. Agnes Mary Clerke and Ellen Mary Clerke. Printed for private circulation, 1907.