Peter Sutcliffe

Standard Name: Sutcliffe, Peter


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Intertextuality and Influence Pat Barker
PB was influenced here the actual case of the Yorkshire Ripper, serial murderer Peter Sutcliffe , who preyed on prostitutes, and whose victims, she said, were as demeaned by their treatment after their deaths...
Textual Features Fleur Adcock
The new poems at the end of this volume evidence the power and versatility that FA had reached by now. They include poems about death, dreams, erotic feeling, tiny incidents in her own and others'...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah Daniels
It is often said of both novel and play that they are about Peter Sutcliffe , the Yorkshire Ripper. In fact the subject is a group of prostitutes and the way they respond in...


30 October 1975: Peter Sutcliffe murdered Wilma McCann in...

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30 October 1975

Peter Sutcliffe murdered Wilma McCann in Leeds; this serial killer terrorised women until 1980, remaining unidentified except by the media title of the Yorkshire Ripper.

12 November 1977: Women in more than twenty British towns held...

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12 November 1977

Women in more than twenty British towns held women-only Reclaim the Night marches on the model of one organised in Chapeltown, Leeds, this night by Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group .


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