Lucy Sewall

Standard Name: Sewall, Lucy


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Dedications Sophia Jex-Blake
While still a student at Edinburgh , SJB published, and dedicated to her American mentor Dr Lucy SewallMedical Women: Two Essays: i.e. Medicine as a Profession for Women (a revised version of her...
Friends, Associates Sophia Jex-Blake
SJB first met one of America's pioneer women doctors, Dr Lucy Sewall . They quickly bonded over their shared appreciation of women's roles in the workplace and a lifelong friendship began.
Roberts, Shirley. Sophia Jex-Blake. Routledge.
Intertextuality and Influence Sophia Jex-Blake
Jex-Blake's essay was heavily influenced by her relationship with Dr Lucy Sewall . By her late twenties, Sewall had established a national reputation for her work as a woman doctor. SJB also drew on a...
politics Sophia Jex-Blake
Lucy Sewall had introduced SJB to the obstacles that women faced in the medical field. These included the lack of opportunities for women to find medical education, be admitted onto the registry, and practise within...
Textual Features Sophia Jex-Blake
In this essay SJB focuses particularly on the January 1878 decision by the University of London to admit women to the study of medicine on equal terms with men. This decision, she writes, made on...


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