Thomas Strickland

Standard Name: Strickland, Thomas


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Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Moodie
SM 's father, Thomas Strickland , managed the Greenland docks near Rotherhithe. He owned property in London's East End, but he was chiefly enamoured of his library. Ill health and the opportunity to better...
Family and Intimate relationships Agnes Strickland
Her father, Thomas Strickland , was a docks manager near Rotherhithe, which was then a distinct village, but became part of the London Docks complex. He owned property in East London. He had...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Strickland
Her father, Thomas Strickland , owned some property while he was employed as a docks manager near Rotherhithe. He thought of himself as an intellectual, and took pride in the fact that some books...
Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Parr Traill
CPT was regarded in the family as the favourite child of her father, Thomas Strickland , and with him she cultivated her interest in natural history.
Gray, Charlotte. Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. Viking.
Instructor Susanna Moodie
SM 's two elder sisters were well educated but the family could not afford a similar privilege for Catharine and Susanna, who were educated by their father and the elder sisters, Agnes and Elizabeth ....
Residence Elizabeth Strickland
Following the death of their father , it may be that ES was the architect of the plan that she and her sister Agnes should move from Reydon Hall in Suffolk to London to make...


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