Michael Collins

Standard Name: Collins, Michael


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Literary responses Edna O'Brien
The production and reception of this text was heavily influenced by the political climate of the time. EOB 's preparations for writing it included interviewing Dominic McGlinchey , the imprisoned former leader of the INLA...
politics Katharine Tynan
This truce was a step towards the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty on 6 December 1921 (ratified by the Dail on 7 January 1922), which made southern Ireland a Free State or Dominion with a...


25 October 1917: Sinn Féin, reorganized by Cathal Brugha and...

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25 October 1917

Sinn Féin , reorganized by Cathal Brugha and Michael Collins , adopted a constitution. Based on its principles, Sinn Féin became a national movement on a platform of Irish national independence and the withdrawal of...

6 December 1921: The Irish delegation to negotiations at Westminster...

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6 December 1921

The Irish delegation to negotiations at Westminster over the status of Ireland (Arthur Griffith , Michael Collins , and Robert Barton ) accepted the offer of Dominion Status, and the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed.

14 April 1922: Four Courts, Dublin, was occupied by anti-Treaty...

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14 April 1922

Four Courts, Dublin, was occupied by anti-Treaty or Republican forces. The final attack on them by Free State or provisional government forces launched on 28 June signalled the outbreak of the Irish Civil War.

28-30 June 1922: Republicans who had occupied the Four Courts...

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28-30 June 1922

Republicans who had occupied the Four Courts in Dublin were attacked by Free State forces. The Republicans surrendered, but destroyed the building with mines. Thus really began the Irish Civil War.


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