Isobel Murray

Standard Name: Murray, Isobel


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Instructor Ali Smith
Under her Aberdeen advisor, Isobel Murray , AS produced a thesis chronicling the history of Scottish fiction from the Kailyard School of the late nineteenth century to the contemporary moment. Named Transfiguration of the Commonplace...
Literary responses Ali Smith
It is apparent in AS 's interview with her former supervisor Isobel Murray that Like was a profound source of frustration for the interviewer. Though Smith insisted that the book's chronology is worked out to...
Textual Features Ali Smith
In a story called Virtual, a young woman repeatedly encounters an anorexic patient whilst visiting her ailing aunt in hospital. A reviewer wrote that this story remains faithful to the sequence of time; it...
Textual Production Ali Smith
The Seer was originally commissioned in 2000 for the Highland Theatre Festival. After an offer of 6000 (pounds) or something, it ended on the back burner as result of insufficient funds and its (alleged)...


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