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Cultural formation Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Scholars such as Ann J. Lane have argued that although CPG was twice married her true, unacknowledged sexual orientation was lesbian.
Lane, Ann J. To Herland and Beyond. Pantheon Books.
294, 304-5
On the other hand neither Judith A. Allen nor Cynthia J. Davis
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Perkins Gilman
She became and remained particularly close to Martha Luther , with whom she attained her first deep personal happiness.
Scharnhorst, Gary. Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Twayne Publishers.
She wrote to Luther in 1881 to demand: why in the name of heaven have...
Literary responses Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Philosophers Jane Martin and Evelyn Fox Keller have critiqued this book's lack of intense feeling, something that perhaps reflects CPG 's desire to dissociate women from emotionalism. Ann J. Lane noted that Herland constitutes CPG
Reception Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Biographer Ann J. Lane asserts that, despite the obvious flaws in CPG 's work, her legacy is both rich and unquestionable: Lane maintains that Gilman set out to forge a new world-view, a social philosophy...


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