Frederick William IV, King of Prussia

Standard Name: Frederick William IV,, King of Prussia


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7 June 1840
Frederick William IV became King of Prussia upon the death of Frederick William III .
18 March 1848
The unemployed rioted in Berlin, the capital of Prussia.
21 March 1848
Frederick William IV committed himself to German nationalism and unification, promising to summon a Constituent Assembly to create a united Prussian Diet, which in turn would consider establishing a national German parliament.
Early November 1848
Frederick William IV of Prussia replaced his liberal ministers with a conservative government which adjourned the Constituent Assembly.
28 March 1849
The Frankfurt Assembly elected Prussia's King Frederick William IV as Emperor of Germany.
3 April 1849
Frederick William IV 's refusal of the imperial crown of Germany signalled the end of the Frankfurt Assembly, which collapsed in December 1849.
February 1850
Frederick William IV of Prussia established by royal edict his own constitution, which remained in effect until 1918.
King Frederick William IV of Prussia had a stroke which incapacitated him; his brother William became Regent.
2 January 1861
William I became King of Prussia when Frederick William IV died.