Florence Upton

Standard Name: Upton, Florence


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Friends, Associates Edith Lyttelton
EL and her husband were friendly with several prominent politicians, including Herbert Asquith and Arthur Balfour .
Lyttelton, Edith. Alfred Lyttelton: An Account of His Life. Longmans, Green.
Another friend of EL was the artist Florence Upton , who shared her interest in the supernatural.
Textual Features Edith Lyttelton
Its chapters include Symbols and their Use, Mind Pictures, Dreams, and Knowledge of Future Events. The latter contains a discussion of foreknowledge in automatic writing and utterance, using the example of...
Textual Production Edith Lyttelton
EL published Florence Upton , Painter, a biography of a friend of hers, a children's illustrator best known for introducing drawings of Golliwogg into children's books in 1895.
“Florence Kate Upton (1873-1922)”. Modernist Journals Project.
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