M. Vandergucht

Standard Name: Vandergucht, M.
Used Form: Michael Vander Gucht


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Leisure and Society Katherine Philips
As well as the classicized bust by Michael Vander Gucht which was later engraved as the frontispiece for KP 's posthumous Poems, 1667, a portrait of her by Sir Peter Lely now hangs at...
Publishing Elizabeth Burnet
On her death the same leading publishing house at once re-issued the book in a second edition, with her name, a frontispiece featuring her portrait (engraved by M. Vandergucht after Kneller ), and a memoir...
Publishing Katherine Philips
Mention on the title-page of her translations from French emphasizes her interest in French literary and musical culture.
Coolahan, Marie-Louise, and Gillian Wright. “Katherine Philips’s French Translations: Between Mediation and Appropriation”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 4, pp. 445-64.
In the wake of Marriott's edition, KP had told Cotterell she had mixed feelings about his...


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