Amelia Beauclerc

Standard Name: Beauclerc, Amelia
Birth Name: Amelia Beauclerc
Pseudonym: Emma de Lisle
Pseudonym: The Author of Eva of Cambria
Used Form: Emma De Lisle
Used Form: the author of Montreithe
Used Form: the author of Ora and Juliet
Used Form: the author of The Fugitive Daughter; or, Eva of Cambria
AB 's half-dozen novels, all published within a decade of the early nineteenth century and of oddly varying quality, centre on the theme of bad parenting. Many include travel and several touch the fringes of the French Revolution. They are heavily, sometimes punitively, didactic; their satiric butts include both learned women and unmarried women, as well as inadequate fathers and patriarchs. They are rich in individually riveting scenes and in the questioning of gender assumptions.


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Textual Production Selina Davenport
SD issued Donald Monteith, The Handsomest Man of the Age, another five-volume novel, with her name and mention of earlier publications.
A year before this Amelia Beauclerc had published, also with the Minerva Press
Textual Production Emma Parker
EP did not write either of two novels often mistakenly ascribed to her: Eva of Cambria; or, The Fugitive Daughter, and Ora and Juliet; or, Influence of First Principles (though her pseudonym, and mention...
Textual Production Emma Parker
Fitz-Edward; or, The Cambrians, published by A. K. Newman , was, as EP 's preface explains, the novel which was delayed by becoming confused with Amelia Beauclerc 's Eva of Cambria. It appeared under EP 's pseudonym.
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