Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Standard Name: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow


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politics Edna St Vincent Millay
ESVM campaigned to establish the innocence of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti , who were executed for alleged terrorist killings on 23 August 1927. With other writers she stood in a picket line outside the...
Textual Production Edna St Vincent Millay
In late 1940 Millay spent a long time working on an adversarial review of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 's The Wave of the Future (an isolationist pamphlet urging that the USA should have no part of...


November 1940
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (wife of Charles A. Lindbergh and already a published author) issued The Wave of the Future: A Confession of Faith, a pamphlet urging the USA to stay out of the second...