Charlotte Whyte-Melville

Standard Name: Whyte-Melville, Charlotte


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Employer George Egerton
In London she became the travelling-companion of Charlotte Whyte-Melville , a widow now living as the wife of the Rev. Henry Peter Higginson , who was a friend of John Joseph Dunne , father of the future GE .
Family and Intimate relationships George Egerton
Chavelita Dunne (later GE ) eloped with the Rev. Henry Peter Higginson (husband of her employer, Charlotte Whyte-Melville ). He bought an estate for them at Slottnaes Park in Langesund, Norway.
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Friends, Associates George Egerton
Charlotte Whyte-Melville had been married to military and sporting novelist Major George Whyte-Melville , who died in 1878. She was a widow when she met Higginson (then her domestic chaplain, while she was his patroness)...


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