Aritha Van Herk

Standard Name: Van Herk, Aritha


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Anthologization Carol Shields
CS began writing as a child, and her parents were excited when she got herself published in her highschool newspaper. At this stage she used to say she would one day publish a novel, but...
Literary responses Margaret Atwood
A younger Canadian novelist, Aritha Van Herk , called Good Bones and its predecessor Murder in the Darkaphoristic contemporary parables, which contain some of Atwood's most provocative and intellectually adroit writing.
Literary responses Margaret Atwood
Novelist and critic Aritha Van Herk found this volume less playful than its predecessors,a dry and dire collection . . . . Atwood as Cassandra, wailing her prophecy in the ear of a deaf...
Literary responses Margaret Atwood
Aritha Van Herk wrote that Atwood sets up a completely plausible universe, as seamless as a stocking, and shockingly believable.
Van Herk, Aritha. “Beware the Ides of Atwood”. The Globe and Mail, p. R10.
Literary responses Alice Munro
After it won the O. Henry Prize (in the first year in which Canadians were eligible for this award) Munro described the genesis of the title story in an actual occurrence where a woman and...


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Van Herk, Aritha. “Be afraid . . . be very afraid”. The Globe and Mail, p. D4.
Van Herk, Aritha. “Beware the Ides of Atwood”. The Globe and Mail, p. R10.