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Katherine Philips

Another poem, dates five months after To my excellent Lucasia, marked Anne Owen's receiving the name of Lucasia, and adoption into our society.
Philips, Katherine. Collected Works. Editors Thomas, Patrick et al., Stump Cross Books.
1: 101
Another, To Mrs. Mary Awbrey at parting was reprinted in the Gentleman's Magazine in July 1744 with an admiring poetic comment by Elizabeth Carter .

Aphra Behn

The Muses Mercury: or, The Monthly Miscellany included in every issue at least one poem by AB .
Lavoie, Chantel Michelle. Poems by Eminent Ladies: A Study of an Eighteenth-Century Anthology. University of Toronto.

Elizabeth Bury

The London Mercury printed a piece about EB 's life and death, drawn from Samuel Bury 's Account.
A Register of Books 1728-1732, extracted from the Monthly Chronicle. Gregg Press.

Mary Astell

Theosophical Transactions, the journal of Jane Lead 's Philadelphian Society , warmly praised MA 's work and published extracts from it. Damaris Masham , however (who was herself guessed by some to be the author), wrote against MA and her associate John Norris in 1696 and 1705: she apparently felt that the idea of institutions where unmarried women could live together savoured irremediably of Catholic convents.
Masham, though emphatically not Astell, would approve the English Short Title Catalogue's allotting this work the subject-heading Monasticism and religious orders for women.

Susanna Wesley

For the first time some of SW 's writing was published: by her son John in the first volume of the Arminian Magazine.
Feminist Companion Archive.

Susanna Centlivre

SC is said to have written a song at six years old, which acquired a tune and passed into use as a country dance.
Bowyer, John Wilson. The Celebrated Mrs Centlivre. Duke University Press.
This, however, belongs with the semi-fictional tradition about her origins.
As an adult she published poems in various forms: alone, in periodicals, and in miscellanies.

Sarah Dixon

Two poems from the volume were then reprinted in the Gentleman's Magazine in December 1740.
Kennedy, Deborah. Poetic Sisters. Early Eighteenth-Century Women Poets. Bucknell University Press.
134 and n33

Mary Davys

A Mrs. Mary D. who published in Peter Motteux ' The Gentleman's Journal a 600-word tale entitled A Gift and no Gift may well have been MD .
Bayer, Gerd. “A Possible Early Publication by Mary Davys and Its Swiftian Afterglow”. Notes and Queries, Vol.
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Catharine Trotter

The Gentleman's Magazine published Catharine Cockburn's (the former CT )'s poem on the busts of British worthies in Queen Caroline 's hermitage.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
7 (1737): 308

Elizabeth Singer Rowe

Elizabeth Singer (later ESR ), as Philomela, published poems in John Dunton 's The Athenian Mercury (formerly The Athenian Gazette).
Greer, Germaine et al., editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago.
Stecher, Henry F. Elizabeth Singer Rowe, the Poetess of Frome: A Study in Eighteenth-Century English Pietism. Herbert Lang.
39, 52

Mary Barber

Several of her poems appeared in periodicals (including the Gentleman's Magazine) and miscellanies in the years before her collected volume, but none of them with her name. Stella and Flavia appeared in three miscellanies and a newspaper, but its attribution to MB is doubtful.
Budd, Adam. “’Merit in Distress’: The Troubled Success of Mary Barber”. Review of English Studies, Vol.
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207-8, 219, n11

Jane Brereton

During her early years in London with her husband, Thomas Brereton , JB not only wrote but printed poems. Some appeared in the Whitehall Evening-Post: for example To the Author of the Progress of Poetry [Judith Cowper Madan ] and The Dream (which repeats her praise of Madan).
Brereton, Jane. Poems on Several Occasions. Edward Cave.
88, 135

Martha Fowke

Delights for the Ingenious; or, A Monthly Entertainment for the Curious of Both Sexes, a periodical collected in a volume by John Tipper , published two poems ascribed to MF by name.
Tipper, John, editor. Delights for the Ingenious. Printed by J. Roberts.
(April): 129-30

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

This was much reprinted in periodicals and miscellanies, often with an answer by an unidentified gentleman.

Mary Masters

MM published her first known Gentleman's Magazine poem: Unexpected Deliverance, signed Maria.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
7 (1737): 696
Carlson, Carl Lennart. The First Magazine. Brown University Press.

Anne Irwin

The Gentleman's Magazine printed AI 's An Epistle to Mr. Pope . By a Lady. Occasioned by his Characters of Women.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
1736: 745

Mehetabel Wright

MW 's To an Infant expiring the second Day of its Birth appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine in October 1733.

Susanna Wright

SW 's Directions for the Management of Silk-worms was posthumously published in the Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal.
James, Edward T. et al., editors. Notable American Women, 1607-1950. Harvard University Press.

Frances Seymour, Countess of Hertford

A love-song by Frances, Countess of Hertford , which she called Song to a River, was published in Bickham's Musical Entertainer, as The Maid's Request.
Hughes, Helen Sard. The Gentle Hertford, Her Life and Letters. Macmillan.
426-7 and n14

Sarah Chapone

Both Mary Pendarves (later Mary Delany) and John Wesley had read this remarkable work in manuscript the previous year. (Wesley had been reading her writing with enjoyment since at least April 1733.)
Glover, Susan Paterson, and Sarah Chapone. “Introduction”. The Hardships of the English Laws, Routledge, pp. 1-16.
Both Pendarves and Wesley's sister Mehetabel Wright had suffered in bitterly unhappy marriages which were not of their own choosing. SC 's authorship has only recently been substantiated: she is identified in a note in the British Library copy, and in a letter from one Anna Hopkins of Evesham to Ballard , written in 1741.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
The Gentleman's Magazine reprinted extensive excerpts this same year, and more than fifty years later, in January 1788, the Columbian Magazine published in Philadelphia began a 5-part reprint of the text under the title of A Tract on the Unreasonableness of the Law in regard to Wives, with its usage of the pronoun we for women altered to they.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
Glover, Susan Paterson, and Sarah Chapone. “Introduction”. The Hardships of the English Laws, Routledge, pp. 1-16.
A scholarly edition by Susan Glover appeared in 2018.

Judith Cowper Madan

Verses written extempore in Mr A[shley] C[owper] 's Coke upon Littleton (the title of a standard legal textbook) by Judith Cowper (later Madan), appeared, to her dismay, in Ambrose Philips 's The Free-Thinker.
Sir Thomas Littleton or Lyttelton , who died in 1581, was the author of the first book of law to be published in England. A massive commentary on this work, made by Sir Edward Coke in 1628 and known as Coke on Littleton, became a standard legal textbook, last reprinted at Washington, DC, in 1903.
Madan, Falconer. The Madan Family. Oxford University Press.

Constantia Grierson

The Gentleman's Magazine reprinted (two or three years after CG 's death) her To Mrs. Mary Barber, which had just appeared in Barber's Poems on Several Occasions.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
5 (August 1735): 492

Anna Williams

AW 's Verses to Mr. Richardson , on his Publication of Sir Charles Grandison appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine.
Larsen, Lyle. Dr. Johnson’s Household. Archon Books.

Mary Jones

MJ 's elegy Epistle to the Right Honourable Lady Aubrey Beauclerk, in memory of her Lord (who was slain on board the Prince Frederick Man of War at Carthagena, March 1741), was reprinted in the Gentleman's Magazine.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
(1748) 18: 327

Laetitia Pilkington

Of the occasional poems which did appear in print during this period, one was a satire published as being by Benjamin Victor , whose poetry The Concise Dictionary of National Biography terms wretched verse.
The Concise Dictionary of National Biography: From Earliest Times to 1985. Oxford University Press.
Of publishing in bits and pieces LP wrote, But, alas! though my Honours were very great, my Profits were very small.
Pilkington, Laetitia. Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington. Editor Elias, A. C., University of Georgia Press.
1: 160
After Cibber helped her out of difficulty, she wrote him a poem of thanks which, according to her, was published in the official newspaper, the Gazette, on New Year's Day. It undoubtedly appeared a few months later in The Daily Gazetteer, 25 May 1743.
Pilkington, Laetitia. Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington. Editor Elias, A. C., University of Georgia Press.
1: 207-8, 2: 592-3