A. Woodfin

AW began publishing her six novels just after the middle of the eighteenth century. She favoured the briefer, two-volume format and innovative structures and plots. Her final novel closes with verse. At least two of her novels allow a self-reliant older female figure, who has achieved her own character-development, to steal the limelight from the nubile heroine.


By December 1756
AW , writing as a Lady, published her first known work, Northern Memoirs: or, the History of a Scotch Family, in two volumes, with the Noble brothers, who ran a circulating library as well as a publishing business.
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An Obscure Life

The date of AW 's birth is not known. If she was at least twenty when her first novel appeared, then she must have been born by 1736.
The International Genealogical Index yields no records that seem promising.