Emma Parker

EP is a skilled though obscure novelist and essayist publishing in the 1810s, whose works were well received and have much to offer today's reader. She was articulately concerned about the craft of novel-writing, and evidently serious about her career.


October 1809
EP published in two volumes with the Minerva Press , as Emma De Lisle, A Soldier's Offspring; or The Sisters. A Tale.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
3d ser. 18 (1809): 223
EP published with Egerton a volume of essays written at various periods, entitled Important Trifles: Chiefly Appropriate to Females on their Entrance into Society.
Parker, Emma. Important Trifles. T. Egerton, 1817.
Feminist Companion Archive.


The date of EP 's birth is unknown, but it was probably some time before 1790.