Mrs Martin

MM was a novelist of the revolutionary period, with reformist if not radical leanings, who consistently, intelligently tests and comments on the conventions of the genre. She is not primarily, as said in some reference sources, a gothic novelist, but addresses in turn domestic romance, bildungsroman, gothic, and satirical comedy.


Probably well before November 1798
The Minerva Press issued the first novel by the talented but untraced MM : Deloraine. A Domestic Tale, by a Lady, in two volumes; the preface is signed with her pseudonym, Helen of Herefordshire.
MM 's identity has not been cracked. Harriet (Evans) Martin (d. 1846), Sarah Catherine Martin (1768-1826), writer for children, and Helen Martin of Glenross are no more than faint possibilities. In view of her pseudonym, it is very likely relevant that the banking family of Martin had an estate at Ledbury in Herefordshire. The printed National Union Catalog ascribed this and MM 's next novel to William Godwin .
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By April 1801
MM published with Minerva what is apparently her final book, The Enchantress; or, Where Shall I Find Her? A Tale, as by the author of . . . , mentioning all her novels except Jeannette (which is, however, advertised at the end).
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