Andrea Levy

AL was a Black British novelist with roots in Jamaica, who began publishing towards the end of the twentieth century. Her five novels (in 2015) centre on the attainment of satisfactory mixed-race and mixed-nationality identities. She presents even the seamiest sides of human behaviour with humour and an understanding of life renewing itself in the most hostile environments as in more favourable ones. Her novels broadened and deepened from their early reliance on her own experience to the creation of characters whose experience is remote from that of herself or her potential readers. She also wrote reviews, short stories, and non-fiction, but her website concentrated almost exclusively on her novels.
Levy, Andrea. Andrea Levy.
Portrait photo of Andrea Levy. She has curly black hair and a white cardigan. Behind her is a tree trunk and to her left is a smattering of            foliage.
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7 March 1956
AL was born in London to parents who had immigrated eight years before from Jamaica. She was the youngest in their family of four.
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February 2004
AL 's career took off with her fourth novel, Small Island, which won both the Orange Prize (worth £30,000) and the Whitbread Award for Fiction.
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14 February 2019
AL died of breast cancer, which had been diagnosed in 2008.


A different Andrea Levy publishes on topics like ecology and peace movements.

Birth and Identity