Iza Duffus Hardy

IDH published, during the later nineteenth century, a large output of novels of a romantic cast. She set some of them in exotic places, and also wrote travel books and contributed stories and other pieces to periodicals.
Portrait of Iza Duffus Hardy by Ford Madox Ford, 1872. She sits in an upholstered armchair, wearing a black dress with lace at wrists and neckline (finished with a black brooch), a gold-coloured shawl, and several strings of blue beads. Her hair is plaited and forms a crown around her head. Her fingers are interlaced, and she looks modestly down, away from the viewer.
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Probably 11 October 1850
IDH was born at Addlestone in Surrey (near Weybridge), the only (or at least the only surviving) child of writer Mary Anne Duffus Hardy .
Some sources give her date of birth as around 1852. The date given here, from a record submitted to the International Genealogical Index, would make her a little older than she has been generally thought; it also suggests, though her contemporary Helen Black says otherwise, that she was from London.
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IDH 's final novel appeared: it was entitled The Silent Watchers.
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By September 1922
IDH died in Paddington, London, aged seventy-one, after a later life which is even more obscure than her earlier years.
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Though her mother in widowhood called herself Lady Duffus Hardy, it appears that for the daughter, Duffus was a second given name, and she is usually indexed accordingly.

Birth and Early Life