Blanche Warre Cornish

From sheer force of personality BWC made a more lasting impression on her contemporaries than was perhaps justified by her two nineteenth-century novels, her scattered essays and reviews, and her twentieth-century book of edited letters and some family and literary reminiscence. After her death a slim volume of her sayings was published.


About 1847
Blanche Ritchie (later BWC ) was born; her reminiscences sound as if she was born in India, one of a large family.
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Blanche Warre Cornish edited, and contributed biographical reminiscences to, Some Family Letters of W. M. Thackeray ; Together with Recollections by his Kinswoman Blanche Warre Cornish, published at Boston, Massachusetts.
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9 August 1922
BWC died in London, having outlived her husband by six years.
The Feminist Companion mistakenly dates her death as happening in 1914.
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(10 August 1922): 14


Her married surname is given in various forms: Cornish, Warre Cornish, and Warre-Cornish.

Birth and Family