William Smellie

Standard Name: Smellie, William,, 1740 - 1795


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Friends, Associates Maria Riddell
As a friend rather than a lover, Burns was crucially helpful to MR . He first put her in touch with the printer, intellectual, and naturalist William Smellie , who published her work and became...
Literary responses Maria Riddell
William Smellie (himself a naturalist and translator of Buffon) was not interested in MR 's poems but he expressed enthusiasm for her ingenious and judicious work of science, minute observation, [and] accurate description, which...
Textual Production Maria Riddell
Robert Burns helped her to achieve publication, writing to the Edinburgh printer and man of letters William Smellie on 22 January 1792 that her poems were always correct and sometimes elegant, very much beyond the...
Travel Maria Riddell
Early in their Scottish life, MR and her husband visited Edinburgh to meet the printer and man of letters William Smellie . Their several visits to London included nearly two months in autumn 1793, which...


The philosopheBuffon began publishing his Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, one of the great Enlightenment collaborative projects for the advancement of learning.
8 June 1768
A Society of Gentlemen in Scotland
English Short Title Catalogue.
issued proposals for printing by subscription a work to be called Encyclopædia Britannica, to be edited by the man of letters William Smellie .
Man of letters William Smellie published an English translation of Buffon 's famous Natural History.