Alice Dixon Le Plongeon

Standard Name: Le Plongeon, Alice Dixon
Birth Name: Alice Dixon
Alice Dixon Le Plongeon was a writer, lecturer, photographer, and amateur archaeologist working from the 1870s. Her writings include field notes, a travel diary, a book of articles, two epic poems, several smaller poems and songs, and numerous articles. Most of her writings relate to her time spent in Yucatán, Mexico, with her husband, Augustus Le Plongeon . The work of both Le Plongeons was dismissed and even ridiculed by most scholars during her lifetime, and after ADLP 's death she was almost completely forgotten except as the loyal wife of the opinionated Dr Le Plongeon.
Desmond, Lawrence Gustave. Yucatan Through Her Eyes: Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, Writer and Expeditionary Photographer. University of New Mexico, 2009.
Black and white photograph of Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, seated, holding a caliper compass against a large piece of paper or fabric. She is wearing a long dress, decorated with buttons and ruffles, and tied with a bow at the neckline. Her hair is partially pulled back and partially left down in dark curls.
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