Nicholas Lezard

Standard Name: Lezard, Nicholas


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Literary responses Marghanita Laski
The Times Literary Supplement judged that the novel's protagonist was its weakness: Hilary, it complained, remains throughout the guilt-torn and indecisive intellectual made only too familiar in scores of English novels.
Maclaren-Ross, Julian. “Moods & Moments”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 2486, p. 613.
In 2001 Nicholas Lezard
Literary responses Ursula K. Le Guin
Nicholas Lezard 's Guardian review (headed Forget Harry Potter . . . . J. K. Rowling) called this book a masterpiece of chilling narration. Lezard ended with praise of its style and its humour (a rare quality...
Literary responses Anne Carson
Nicholas Lezard , reviewing for the Guardian, wrote appreciatively of Carson's high-powered and unstoppably playful intellect.
Lezard, Nicholas. “Toward Gender Parity”. Guardian Weekly, p. 36.
Literary responses Germaine Greer
Nicholas Lezard , reviewing this book for The Guardian, proved Greer's point as he both sexualised and personalised his response: She is sui generis, seemingly unstoppable, very often right, and an extraordinarily talented self-publicist...
Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
Nicholas Lezard , in a review reacting vigorously against a hatchet job from the Times Literary Supplement (which suggested that the quality of the stories would disgrace a student on a creative writing course), praised...
Textual Features Diana Athill
Nicholas Lezard wrote in the Guardian that this book teaches, in every line[,] the consolations of age, the common, shareable tone of experience. Athill begins the book, in fact, with her own old age, and...


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