Sylvia Bowerbank

Standard Name: Bowerbank, Sylvia


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Birth Jane Lead
Jane Ward (later JL ) was born in Norfolk.
Her biographer Joanne Magnani Sperle notes that JL 's year of birth is open to debate (most biographers, and commentator Paula McDowell , list it...
Author summary Jane Taylor
JT , a writer of poems for children when she was little more than a child herself, saw herself in adulthood as first and foremost a Christian writer, seeking to change the lives of her...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
The essay is reprinted by Sylvia Bowerbank and Sara Mendelson , editors of Margaret Cavendish , among contextual material relevant to Cavendish's interests, as a woman's promotion of women's right of access to the new science.
Cavendish, Margaret. Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader. Bowerbank, Sylvia and Sara Heller MendelsonEditors , Broadview, 2000.


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