Margiad Evans

Standard Name: Evans, Margiad
Birth Name: Peggy Eileen Arabella Whistler
Pseudonym: P. W.
Pseudonym: Margiad Evans
Nickname: Armah
Married Name: Peggy Eileen Arabella Williams
ME began writing both diaries and poetry in her youth. She began publishing in the 1930s with stories, then novels. Her first novel was historical and all are regional, set in the Border country between England and Wales. After four novels she turned to a form of autobiography (drawn from her journals, with religious questioning and intense natural description). The second of her two volumes of memoir confronts her epileptic seizures. Though her output was small and her career cut short, her unusual body of work is once more attracting attention, partly on account of its connection with Wales.
Black and white head-shot of Margiad Evans. Her head is resting on a hand, she has dark jaw-length hair, and she is wearing a checked jacket with a short scarf tied around her neck.
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Reception Anne Ridler
British Book News characterised the book's contents as: Metaphysical poems which combine wit, intellectual distinction and feminine sensibility with a feeling for the religious overtones of experience.
British Book News. British Council.
(1944): 81
Two years later an introductory essay...
Textual Features Rosamond Lehmann
They published some distinguished names—including Edith Sitwell , Rose Macaulay , and Ivy Compton-Burnett —and some promising newcomers, including Margaret Lane , Margiad Evans , and Jean Howard .
Hastings, Selina. Rosamond Lehmann. Chatto and Windus, 2002.


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