Arthur Maynwaring

Standard Name: Maynwaring, Arthur


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Literary responses Delarivier Manley
A series of various keys attached to later editions fed curiosity about the originals of DM 's portraits, without actually giving very much away.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, 1991, p. v - xxviii.
Her work can claim some credit for the collapse of...


3 April 1708
Arthur Maynwaring mentioned to Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough , having used a letter from her as the basis for his Advice to the Electors of Great Britain.
5 October 1710
A Whig periodical entitled the Medley was launched to combat the Tory Examiner; it was probably the work of Arthur Maynwaring and possibly of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough .
By 6 April 1742
An Account of the Conduct of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, a politicalapologia and attack on her enemies composed by her over almost forty years with various helpers, appeared a few weeks after Prime Minister...