Arthur Young

Standard Name: Young, Arthur


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Dedications Elizabeth Meeke
EM first used her pseudonym, Gabrielli, for The Mysterious Wife. A Novel, which she dedicated on this date to her maternal aunt Martha Young (wife of Arthur Young , the agricultural writer).
Textual Features Elizabeth Hervey
It is variously and descriptively set in Wales (where it opens near the mountains of Snowdon and Penmaenmawr), Ireland, and South Carolina, where Ned's adventures begin with landing at Charlestown (or Charleston)...
Textual Production Matilda Betham-Edwards
MBE edited The Autobiography of Arthur Young , With Selections from His Correspondence.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Matilda Betham-Edwards
In 1889 MBE branched into a new field, editing the works of other people, in providing an introduction, a biographical sketch, and notes for Travels in France by the famous agricultural writer Arthur Young (who...


Arthur Young published the first of his surveys of the state of the British countryside: A Six Weeks' Tour through the Southern Counties of England and Wales
Arthur Young published his Political Arithmetic, in support of mercantilist economics and maximizing the wealth of the state.
From Summer1776
Arthur Young spent the time in Ireland (as agent to Lord Kingsborough ) on which he based his Tour in Ireland, published in 1780.
From 1789
John Howlett , a prominent former supporter of the enclosure of common land, changed his tune and argued against the practice in Arthur Young 's Annals of Agriculture.
In this year of near-famine in England, Arthur Young published in his Annals of Agriculture a Sermon on the Scarcity of Corn.
June-November 1800
Arthur Young made a tour through East Anglia and several Southern counties.
By September 1800
The high price of wheat produced hardship and scarcity in Britain and Ireland.
Arthur Young 's General Report on Enclosures, commissioned by the Board of Agriculture , performed the analysis that its title suggests. An appendix traced, county by county, the effects of enclosure on the rural poor.