Laura Ormiston Chant

Standard Name: Chant, Laura Ormiston
Birth Name: Laura Ormiston Dibbin
Pseudonym: Sister Sophia
Used Form: Mrs Ormiston Chant
Married Name: Laura Ormiston Dibbin Chant
LOC published numerous pamphlets and speeches on social purity, temperance, and women's rights, as well as songs, a novel, and a book of poetry that includes a feminist verse novel. Her writing reflects many of the tensions characterizing feminism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Black and white photograph of Laura Ormiston Chant, seated in an ornately carved rocking chair with one elbow resting on an armrest,  her arm upright and her head propped against that hand. Her other arm is outstretched so that hand can rest on the other armrest. She wears a dress with a pattern of stitched vines and buttons up the front, and her hair is pulled back.
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