Louis Simpson

Standard Name: Simpson, Louis


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Literary responses Anne Sexton
American reviews were mixed, saying things like sure, dramatic movement, but also they read like a fever chart, and (from Louis Simpson ) mere self-dramatization. Sexton replied to Simpson: The poems are children of...
Literary responses Fay Weldon
When FW showed this novel to Louis Simpson , a US poet and academic whom she hoped to impress, he replied, angrily (in her account) that it was not a proper novel,
Weldon, Fay. Mantrapped. Fourth Estate, 2004.
since it...
Literary responses Fay Weldon
FW tried this too, before publication, on Louis Simpson . He suggested it was a rip-off of Mary McCarthy 's The Group, and said that introducing eight characters on the first page was too...
Textual Features Fay Weldon
The story is told from a combination of third- and first-person narration, interspersed with terse play-script dialogue. FW said later that she had taken Louis Simpson 's advice about how novels should be written.
Weldon, Fay. Mantrapped. Fourth Estate, 2004.


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