Deborah Kennedy

Standard Name: Kennedy, Deborah


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Birth Helen Maria Williams
HMW was born in London, the elder of two sisters (she also had an elder half-sister). She was baptised on 5 July at St James's, Piccadilly.
Her French naturalization papers give her date of...
Family and Intimate relationships Helen Maria Williams
HMW . it seems, had a life partner: English businessman and fellow radical John Hurford Stone , whom she met when she first visited Paris. He was married, but his wife had taken lovers...
Literary responses Helen Maria Williams
The Critical Review began its notice with a brief sketch of HMW 's life-story, emphasising the circumstances which had kept her in ignorance of the literary scene which she was now entering. It made some...
Reception Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Since the re-awakening of interest in women's writing in the late twentieth century, ESR has received less attention than she deserves, perhaps because of a tendency to pigeon-hole her as a religious writer, but...
Textual Features Helen Maria Williams
This is either the beginning or (as her numbering of later volumes suggests) a prelude to HMW 's Letters from France: an extended series of reports on and analyses of the Revolution, its development...
Textual Production Anne Finch
One passage from a long Pindaric ode entitled All is Vanity (present in Finch's early octavo ms and in her printed collection) has broken loose and achieved a life of its own. Whereas the entire...


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