William Dodd

Standard Name: Dodd, William,, 1729 - 1777


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Publishing Mary Bosanquet Fletcher
Mary Bosanquet (later Fletcher) published at LeedsAn Aunt's Advice to a Niece, a conduct book which incorporates letters she had written to the condemned forger Dr William Dodd .
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Textual Production Sarah Fielding
This work, no longer attributed to SF 's single authorship, was printed, as several of hers were, by Samuel Richardson . But letters written about it by Lady Barbara Montagu (friend and partner of the...
Textual Production Mary Bosanquet Fletcher
Mary Bosanquet (later Fletcher) wrote almost weekly to the ex-fashionable preacher Dr William Dodd (in prison for forgery) until he was hanged, out of concern for his soul.
John Wesley visited Dodd in prison, and...


The Rev. William Dodd published his novelThe Sisters; or, The History of Lucy and Caroline Sanson, Entrusted to a False Friend, a morally oversimplified example of the bad-sister-damned/good-sister-saved plot.
27 June 1777
The clergyman William Dodd was executed for forgery despite the efforts of many distinguished people to win him a pardon.