Fanny Aikin Kortright

Standard Name: Kortright, Fanny Aikin
Birth Name: Frances Aikin Kortright
Nickname: Fanny
Pseudonym: Berkeley Aikin
FAK , writing through the later half of the nineteenth century, was primarily known as a sensation novelist. Her books were regularly noticed, though not flatteringly, in the Athenæum. Her first publication was a volume of poetry, and she also edited a journal (to which she contributed) and published anti-feminist polemic. She issued several titles privately, and the last of them, a privately-printed autobiography, is extremely rare.


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Textual Production Rebecca Harding Davis
When the English Fanny Aikin Kortright 's anti-suffrage and arguably anti-feminist tract Pro Aris et Focis (A Plea for Our Altars and Hearths), privately printed in London in 1869, was picked up for publication...
Textual Production Rebecca Harding Davis
The English Fanny Aikin Kortright had published a novel with the same title in 1863. This had the unfortunate effect of ascribing to Davis an anti-suffrage tract actually authored by Kortright (see above).


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