Angela Escott

Standard Name: Escott, Angela


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Publishing Hannah Cowley
It was badly presented, by two of the cast in particular.
Escott, Angela. Email about supposed quarrel between Hannah Cowley and Hannah More to Isobel Grundy.
It had been completed by 1777, but rejected by Thomas Harris of Covent Garden , who then produced Hannah More 's Percy instead. Tragedy...
Publishing Hannah Cowley
In January 1800 or November 1801 HC wrote from her Tiverton retirement to London publisher Richard Phillips about a literary project which sounds more like some new writing than a collected works. Angela Escott thinks...
Reception Hannah Cowley
Early anxiety to secure HC 's reputation was not proof against unthinking dismissal of outmoded women writers. In 1892 the Tiverton historian Frederick John Snell
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observed that contemporary admiration must have been very flattering to...


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