Christine de Pisan

Standard Name: Christine de Pisan
Birth Name: Christine de Pisan
Indexed Name: Christine de Pizan
Christine de Pisan wrote for a living (years before any woman did this in Britain). She is remarkable both as a sophisticated, polished, and versatile writer of poetry in French, and as a proto-feminist. Her works (more than a dozen of them) quickly reached print (still a rarity when she was writing), both in their original French and in English translations: their titles take varying forms.
Illumination from the Queen’s Manuscript, c. 1410–14, with a portrait of Christine de Pisan in her study. She is sitting at a cloth-draped desk writing in a book with a box for writing materials beside her.  She is wearing a white hat that appears to be bat ears or a large V on her head. She is wearing a double horned headdress with gauzy white veil and a bright blue dress (both the signs of high birth or status). A small white dog sits at her feet.  (It is absent from a closely related picture that giv
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