Lady Henry Somerset

Standard Name: Somerset, Lady Henry
Used Form: Lady Isabella Caroline Somerset


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politics Laura Ormiston Chant
LOC , with Lady Isabella Caroline Somerset , attended the Empire Theatre in Leicester Square, in the first of several incognito visits made to observe the performers and crowd, and to build a case against the theatre.
Bland, Lucy. Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality. Tauris Parke, 2002.
Donohue, Joseph. Fantasies of Empire: The Empire Theatre of Varieties and the Licensing Controversy of 1894. University of Iowa Press, 2005.
politics Laura Ormiston Chant
Chant was particularly concerned at the activities of women who were very much painted and more or less gorgeously dressed,
Bland, Lucy. Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality. Tauris Parke, 2002.
a euphemistic description for the prostitutes who sought clients at the Empire's Promenade. Chant...
Textual Production Henrietta Müller
In HB's own words, the paper's ultimate goal was to further the emancipation of women in every direction and in every land. This she considered to be part of the mission of Christ in spite...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rosa Nouchette Carey
In her introduction, Carey expresses her wish that her sketches of twelve noble and useful lives be read and studied by women of this generation, and go and do thou likewise be written upon some...


3 January 1891
Helena B. Temple (Henrietta Müller) edited the first weekly issue of the Woman's Herald in London.
June 1893
The Journal of the British Women's Temperance Association began monthly publication in London.
28 December 1893
The Woman's Herald ceased publication in London, before resuming in January 1894 as the Woman's Signal.
4 January 1894
Lady Henry Somerset and Annie E. Holdsworth published in London the first issue of the Woman's Signal, a weekly magazine addressing temperance issues, and also broader topics such as suffrage, working conditions, and domestic violence.
4 January 1894
The Woman's Signal: a Weekly Record and Review devoted to the interests of women in the home and in the wider world (successor to Henrietta Müller 's Women's Penny Paper) issued its first number...
23 March 1899
The Woman's Signal, a temperance periodical, ceased publication in London.