John Byng

Standard Name: Byng, John


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Textual Features Frances Brooke
Mary Singleton, supposed author of this paper, with its trenchant comments on society and politics, is an unmarried woman on the verge of fifty,
McMullen, Lorraine. An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke. University of British Columbia Press, 1983.
good-humoured as well as sharply intelligent: a contribution to the...


11 February 1744
An English fleet under Thomas Mathews had a somewhat desultory engagement with a slightly smaller fleet made up of French and Spanish ships.
June 1756
Britain declared war on France, following the fall of Minorca in the Mediterranean on 19 May. This began the Seven Years' War.
14 March 1757
Admiral John Byng was executed (by firing-squad on the deck of his own flagship) for his part in the loss of the Mediterranean island of Minorca to the French the previous year: a step towards...