John Aubrey

Standard Name: Aubrey, John


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Education Katherine Philips
KP 's cousin Blacket taught her to read. According to John Aubrey , she was mighty apt to learn, had read the whole Bible before she was four, and by ten could remember sermons verbatim.
Philips, Katherine. “Introduction and Textual Notes”. The Collected Works of Katherine Philips, The Matchless Orinda, Volume I: The Poems, edited by Patrick Thomas, Stump Cross Books, 1990, pp. 1-68.
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Education Katherine Philips
In 1640 she was sent to Mrs Salmon's in Hackney near London, where she probably stayed till 1646.
John Aubrey ranked this as a famous school.
Hageman, Elizabeth H. “Katherine Philips (1632-1664)”. Dictionary of Literary Biography 131, edited by M. Thomas Hester, Gale Research, 1993, pp. 202-14.
There she met Mary Harvey, who later...
Intertextuality and Influence Anita Brookner
Brief Lives is powerful and deceptively simple. Fay Langdon, in her seventies, reads the Times obituary of Julia Morton, and is propelled into reminiscence. Fay and Julia sound like a typical AB duo: Basically, I...
Publishing Elspeth Huxley
EH 's book on her daily life in the form of a diary,
Nicholls, C. S. Elspeth Huxley. HarperCollins, 2002.
titled (from a remark of seventeenth-century local historian John Aubrey ) Gallipot Eyes, was published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson after...


From about 1667
John Aubrey wrote the biographical jottings on authors and other celebrities known to posterity as his Brief Lives, as part of his extensive compilation of manuscript information on many topics.
By August 1813
Some materials from John Aubrey 's archive on famous persons, later known as Brief Lives, were published.


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