Alicia Tyndal Palmer

Standard Name: Palmer, Alicia Tyndal
Birth Name: Alicia Tyndal Palmer
During a six-year period (1809-15) ATP produced two novels, a biography, and a volume of stories. She specialised in the historical.


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Education Mary Robinson
At a tender age she attended, as a boarder, the school run by Hannah More and her sisters. Several of her schoolfellows (among them Alicia Tyndal Palmer ) were daughters of theatre people. The girls...
Family and Intimate relationships John Strange Winter
One of JSW 's great-great-grandmothers (on her father's side) was Hannah Pritchard , a celebrated actress and singer. Henrietta seems not to have known that this made her a great-niece of Alicia Tyndal Palmer ...
Textual Features Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
The Happy Mute; or, The Dumb Child's Appeal was inspired by John Britt, the deaf Irish child whom CET had adopted in 1823: he died in 1831. He appeared again as a character in another...
Textual Production Hannah More
The teenage HM wrote an acrostic on the name of Hannah Mary Pritchard , who performed on this date at Jacob's Well Theatre in Bristol.
Pritchard was the daughter of the famous comedy actress...


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