Ngaio Marsh

Standard Name: Marsh, Ngaio
Birth Name: Edith Ngaio Marsh
NM , a New Zealander with strong ties to Britain, is known there and worldwide for her thirty-one detective novels issued between 1934 and 1982 (and occasionally published in the USA ahead of the British edition). Less well known is her career as a theatrical producer and director in New Zealand, and sometimes in Britain, which included writing about theatre and as a playwright. Her non-fiction writings include, as well as those about theatre, travel journalism and comment on New Zealand, and an autobiography.
Black and white photo of Ngaio Marsh, standing in a spotlight and tilted backwards. Her black dress and dark hair are dramatically lit, and her hand holding a cigarette is doubled by its shadow behind.
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Intertextuality and Influence P. D. James
PDJ followed the English tradition of detective-story writing that has continued from the 1920s and 1930s, a genre in which many women have held dominant positions. She spoke of her adolescent reading as influenced in...
Literary responses Ruth Pitter
Nineteen years after publication, New Zealand detective writer Ngaio Marsh noted the delight and wonder with which she discovered a copy of this book in the Christchurch Public Library.
Marsh, Ngaio, Lord David Cecil, and Lord David Cecil. “From Gratitude”. Ruth Pitter: Homage to a Poet, edited by Arthur Russell, Rapp and Whiting, 1969, pp. 96 - 7.
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6 February 1939
Raymond Chandler , aged fifty-one, published The Big Sleep, the first and one of the best-known of his seven Philip Marlowe novels, famous as hard-boiled detectivefiction.